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Guys, what’s it going to be? Business before pleasure? Or are you just into having a good time. All of the time. There’s no patronization meant by this. No one is trying to tell you what you must do with your life, but the thing is this; how do you survive. How can you survive without any money in your pocket? Isn’t it better to have a good job, work those hours, and then, when all is said and done, head off to the mall or the sports bar and have a great time with your pals.

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Or stay at home and watch movies. Which you can do if you buy YouTube views. Buy YouTube views and then you can watch as many movies as you like over the weekend, from one morning to the next. Just look up your favorite classic, and there you go. Rare footage if you’re a true movie buff. By now, you know how to use those keywords. So, let’s just say, you want the entire Planet of the Apes compendium, with background, never seen before footage, you can do a search in your YouTube field and see what comes up.

There’s two more things you can do with your views. One you should be doing right now. This is if you want to stay in the money. Every month of the year.  If you’re still at college, you can YouTube some of the country’s best colleges. If you’re not from the States, that’s okay too. Not from Europe? No problem. You can still look up a varsity and get extra lessons on how to complete your next assignment. And then you can learn how to be a top notch entrepreneur.